Monday, April 30, 2012

Tech visits the aquarium and the theater

I took Tech on an outing today, first we took him to the aquarium, 
(I made sure he left the lemon wedges and the deep sea fryer at home.)
When we got there he spied a parrot fish, he hopped onto the wall.

 At those words, Tech suddenly fell off the wall! Not again...! 
Cruel, cruel world...
I took him to the theater next, I got both of us some popcorn.
 Just then, the all time classic "Geckos" came on...GECKO! GECKO! GECKO! GECKO!
Tech stared at the screen, and suddenly, he started dancing!
And meowing, to the tune of GECKO! GECKO! GECKO! GECKO!
Lets just say our outing ended sooner than I would have liked...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tech squeezes more than he can chew (part 2)

ATTENTION: For this good times post, a stunt cat, stunt Grimble plushie, and even a few stunt Trickertreee's will be used in place of Tech, TT and the owl plushie. Thank you for your cooperation, now I know you are very bored with this notice, 
lets get on with it director TT! (And yes, I know the owl plushie changed since the last post.)

In the last post I had discovered a mysterious cat plushie that looked uncannily like Tech...
...not to mention a strange Grimble plushie that seemed to be watching me!
I squeezed the Tech plushie, it squeaked, and then meowed! Nobody meows like Tech does!
I knew there was a cart of catnip in Township, I ran there with the Tech plushie in my paws 
(he got lighter when he was a plushie, otherwise, ten thousand wild horses couldn't move him.)
And I dunked him into the catnip! A magic plant that works wonders on cats (and plushies.)
We went back to his plushie den, and I sat down, relived that I found my precious cat :D
I sat down next to the Grimble plushie...
And suddenly...
Oh no! Not again! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tech squeezes more than he can chew (part 1)

Tech had gone to one of his favorite hiding places, the pillow room! 
Filled with comfy soft pillows it's the perfect place for a lounging cat.
But today, something was lying in Tech's favorite pillow.
 It was a Grimble owl plushie! Tech started squeezing the plushie, 
it squeaked and it's eyes popped out.
 Surprisingly, the Grimble plushie suddenly pecked Tech...
 After a while I came back to Tech's plushie hideout, and there were two new plushies...
The end...?

Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27: Lightning does strike twice

Tech has a special plushie storage, where he keeps all his toys! 
Wonder how he gets them? Well, he's soo cute that people just give him plushie toys!
Anyways, he was chewing a pufferfish plushie I had just won for him.
 But then, the pufferfish inflated! I should have read that warning on the bottom, 
and Tech went flying through the air...
 Flying through the roof...yowling all the way!
 Meanwhile I was unwinding in the Township pond with a smoothie.
 The last thing I expected was to be hit by a flying cat! Again!
My smoothie was knocked into the water, "Help! Murder!" 
Oh well, I guess lightning does strike twice, he does have a lightning pattern after all.
Deja Vu!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26: Tech eats a red tiger plushie

I was in the Animal Museum, catching up on some tiger history, and listening to the ambient music.
Meanwhile Tech had wandered off to the Museum Gift Shop...
 Tech grabbed the tiger plushie in his mouth, I guess I didn't notice it as we walked home.
But when he was taking his after post lunch snack snooze nap, I noticed!
 Suddenly an angry koala appeared at the door! 
I was going to get the plushie back from Tech, but he had, eaten it in his sleep. 
Only the ears and a bit of the tail was left...
After the koala took all my gems and items to pay for the plushie, I went outside.
I met a stranger there, I talked with him about my penniless state.
I still have Tech? How comforting...!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25: Tech and the dancing pumpkin

I was enjoying a tree party in my tree house with Drover and Hank, and Tech had gone off somewhere... many times have I told him not to go down by the river? There are monkey bandits down there!
Well, he went into that old pumpkin patch, which was owned by my Founder of Jamaa great great grand father. And Tech discovered a pumpkin...
Tech was very curious, and suddenly the pumpkin started dancing! 
I was getting some mint from my garden to make more tea when Tech suddenly appeared!
He was meowing up a storm, behind him was a pumpkin...what's so scary about a pumpkin?
"MEEEOOOW" translation: "If only you knew..."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24: Tech the flying cat (Part 2)

Tech had gotten stuck in a tree in the last post, and this tree was residence to an owl named Ezylryb!
Ezylryb was very mad and pecked Tech's balloon...
"MEEOOORWWW!" Tech came falling out of the tree like a lightning bolt! 
Well, he does have a lightning bolt pattern.
He landed on me dead center and I let out a famous quote, quoted by many for 100's of years...
I lay there wounded waiting for the Medical Center people when I heard a hustle and bustle...
I opened my eyes, was it the Medical Center come to help me?
No, it wasn't...what shall I do with that Tech? Tech is such a bad (and cute) kitty.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23: Tech the flying cat (Part 1)

I was taking Tech for a little walk in Coral Canyons and we bumped into a balloon seller!
Tech was chasing his tail, which escaped him as usual, there was one time he caught it though...
Boy did he have a big bandage on his tail!
I bought two blue balloons for me and Tech, and Tech continued to chase his tail.
 I tried to tie the balloon to Tech, he didn't seem to want it though.
After he almost popped the balloon I finally got it on!
 And Tech...floated into the sky! I fainted dead away.
 He flew into a tree where he met a very surprised owl!
To be continued...the next part will be "hoot!" so to speak.

April 22: The grand tree party

Behold...the grand tree castle! Comes complete with two cherry trees, a cedar tree,
limited edition clearance bamboo vine swing, Sarepia Forest crafted tree house,
complete with a howling Wolf Topiary!
You are invited to the grand tree party! Incase you think I mean tea party, it's a tree party.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 21: Sliding contest

I took Tech to a sliding contest, the cat that slid down the slide the "calmest" would win!
I was trying to get Tech to go down the slide when an Emu showed up!
 Tech fell down the slide and slid all the way to the bottom.
 He came out of the slide with perfect grace and agility!
 The judge was about to place a blue ribbon on Tech when...
Oh well, there goes our blue ribbon...Tech is such a silly kitty!

April 20: Sleepover

Greatshot, Spino, and I were having a sleepover, and Spino was talking in her sleep.
"TT didn't steal your noodles..." she was mumbling, when suddenly I heard a horrible sound!
I went through the ceiling and came down again with a crash...
I missed! Oh well...
Tech is such a bad kitty... XD

April 19: Tech eats a priceless scroll

I was in the Chamber of Knowledge, catching up on some afternoon reading.
I reached into the back of the shelf and pulled out a scroll! It was yellowed with age.
It was about how to get free rares! I was just about to open it when...
Tech grabbed it in his mouth and ate it! The scroll melted instantly.
Oh well, how can I stay mad at someone so cute? Even if he did eat a priceless scroll,
Tech is such a bad kitty... hehe.