Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25 to June 29: The Tigers of Jamaa

Tigers, indeed there are many tigers in Jamaa.

Sometimes you may find strange gatherings of rainbow tigers in Jamaa.
Or you may find a bunch of friends out for a sleepover.
Or one tiger selling lemonade.
Oh these crazy tigers, they never seem to get tired.
And all thanks goes to our tiger shaman, there's a reason he won that badge of courage.
Sir Gilbert, the regal tiger shaman, is a proud warrior. He takes his ancestry very seriously and always makes it a point to honor those that came before him when going into battle.
Even though he has a rough appearance, Sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious, reverential, and soft-spoken, He has a deep, low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. As a mentor to new tigers, Sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses great wisdom and knows a lot about the history and tradition of Jamaa and its ongoing struggle with the phantoms that inhabit the Animal Jam World. ~Ancient shaman legend

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 11: The Cat Quire

Okay, I said. Imagine your at Corneggly Hall in Jamaa City!
There are thousands of jammers who came. Paying a 1000 gems a piece,
 to see the singin' sensation! Of The Cat Quire.
They're all dressed up in tuxedos and them tall black hats.
Scar: I can't believe he's doing this again...
Raoul: I can believe it!
And suddenly, they turn off the houselights, everyone falls silent. I mean, nobody says a word!
And then...the curtains part, revealing the star!
Scar: Oh brother XD
Raoul: Oh bother!
Here we go! *Drover covers ears with paws*

We all bowed to the great Mira, and I turned to leave.
And that's when I saw Drover...
He'd fallen asleep halfway through the song!
HMPH, I grumbled. You've got no more class than a box of fleas.