Friday, August 24, 2012

July 24: Plushies, plushies, everywhere

July 24: Plushies, plushies, everywhere.
Plushies, who doesn't have a plushie or two in their den?
Some people have a few plushies.
Some are hard core collectors.
Some plushies are big, some are small. Some of them are very tall!
Some plushies came for 4h of July, others, like Scar III came for the coffee cake.
Some plushies have names, like Charcoal the sooty giraffe, or Cody the clever fox.
Plushies come in many varieties and color, from Cami's Frog to Phantom Plushies and the Gecko Group.
The many faces of the plushie, endless variety!

 The secret home where all plushies wait, to be won and taken home.
There are three Claws in Jamaa, Juice Hut, Theater Lobby, Animal Museum.
Each one has plushies waiting to be taken home, what plushie will find you today?